The holiday resort of Sörenberg lies at 1,165 meters above sea level. in the UNESCO Biosphere Entlebuch. The unique nature, animal and plant world and the many protected moors can be discovered while hiking or biking. You might even see a golden eagle or an ibex. The region is also a highlight for families and nature lovers in winter.


Holidays in Sörenberg means experiencing and living in nature, participating in the wonders of the animal and plant world. Nowhere else in Switzerland are there so many nationally protected moors in such a small area as here. The moor landscape is characterized by the extreme contrast between the soft, round surface forms of the moors and the rugged relief of the Schrattenfluh and the imposing mountains all around. The highest Lucerne mountain, the Brienzer Rothorn offers at 2350 m above sea level. M. a fantastic 360° panorama. Sörenberg and Flühli form a holiday destination that is strongly geared towards families.